SEO Content Writing is One of the most important parts of SEO. There are different strategies that are being followed while developing the content. Few focus on the Keyword, Few on Google, and others on users/customers all of them are correct according to their Business strategy. But according to the latest google algorithm update web pages with good content will be given more priority to list top on Search Results.

We Are Providing Two Types Of Content Writing :

  1. Content Writing for Web Pages and Blog posts
  2. Content Writing for Social Media Posts.

1. SEO Content Writing for Web pages :

Web page Or Blog posts with good SEO content written will be given more priority in ranking pages.

Good SEO Content Includes :

  • Good keywords stuffed
  • Primary keyword in the Page Title
  • Focus keyword variations
  • Quality information
  • Well-formatted
  • Easy to understand (good readability)

In the first place our Experienced Content Writers will develop the content by researching on your competitor’s web pages. They stuff the keywords in necessary places like title and body of the content with variations. In the process of writing content we follow SEO Guidelines like giving scope for internal links, add images with alternate texts, meta description with primary keyword-focused, a slug with primary keyword-focused and content with good readability.

2. SEO Content Writing for Social Media Posts :

While writing content for social media posts our Content Writers use the cache, Trending words using #tags and @ tags and stuff keywords in the content so the post will reach the right people. These #tags will also help in filtering your social media handle to list top. For example if someone searches for a particular Keyword your post will be shown in the search results.

Why Hire An SEO Content Writer:

  • Writing is Hard
  • Better content leads to the Better leads. Content Written by Professionals will Improves your web page online visibility. 
  • Hiring Digital Marketing Kernel Search Engine Optimization Content Writer or Copy Writer will save your time and money.
  • Some how you may miss a few SEO guidelines, but our Content Writing Professionals will never miss them.


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